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Proficient Nurse Practitioners (PNP) is an organization that brings specialized health care to patients. PNP understands that it is very difficult for patients to get the services they need after surgery due to lack of resources and economic restraints. Due to these complex issues, patients are at risk for unnecessary re-hospitalizations which can be quite taxing to patients, their families and the medical institutions.

PNP is managed by the administrator, Bereshith Adams APRN-BC. He is an acute nurse practitioner who has specialized skills in trauma, general surgery and wound care.

“I think it is time to be even more proactive in the communities we serve. With a population that is living longer and has more complex co-morbidities you have to be ready to treat them. This is why I established PNP, where nurse practitioners can provide specialized care to patients in their home, extended living facilities and offices."


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“Thank you so much for your care and attention of my husband. I feel that if it were not for your diligence, Teds health would have suffered more. We wish that there were more conscientious professional like you because the health system would be of a higher standard”.

Reagan Family
” I called PNP sometime in the evening because my son was being treated for pneumonia. Even though the doctor prescribed him antibiotics which he took my son was complaining of back pain and weakness. Bereshith came over to evaluate my son and asked him a lot of questions. Bereshith found out that something was wrong when he asked him about his medication. He told Bereshith it took him 20 days to finish his antibiotics. He showed us that my son took the medication wrong and did not follow directions. He took the pills once a day instead of twice a day. Bereshith told my son he needed to go the ED and he called his PCP and told him what our mistake was. My son has recovered from his pneumonia and is alive and well.”
C. Skinner
I fell down playing tennis and twisted my ankle. That night as I was walking to the bathroom and  I fell again due to the pain. I ended up in the emergency room and the X-rays were negative for any breaks. My foot was so swollen I could not walk and could not use my crutches. My aunt called Bereshith and he came to see me Friday afternoon. Hey massaged his CBD salve on my ankle and wrapped my leg with an ace bandage. He left me a jar and told me to reapply the bandage and the CBD salve 3 times a day. The pain went away along with the swelling and I was back to work in less than a week. I am very grateful my aunt called”.
D. Sawtel